Shipping and Logistics Data Integration Software

Shipping Logistics for Future Proofing Delays, Cost Containment, & Preparing for Unexpected Events

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The Swiss Army Knife of unified data Plug and Play is always ready when you need a tool to “just get it done”.

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The Integrator Solution

The Integrator can facilitate improvements in logistics by eg. increasing accuracy to identify where disparities exist between shipment departures and access to offloading exists at port arrival, through connecting data of off-load schedules at ports, with that of schedules of arriving loads. These can be used for traffic and journey prediction, identifying disruptions, data merging to plan for delays, or to manage loads more efficiently, and data sharing across shipping sectors. Logistics managers and schedulers would find this particularly useful.

Data can be updated and monitored in real time, both at a central location and at site using mobile monitoring. Data access is kept secure within the LAN by allowing admin permission on a purely “as needed” basis. When Cloud migration or access is required, the capability for data connectivity is part of the system.


Ease of Use
Drag and Drop Field Mappings
Filter Incoming Data
Data Conversion (Resolutions)
Data Restore (Rollback) on Error
Manual ETL Processing
Scheduled ETL Processing
Clean Insert Option
Insert Only Option
Insert & Update on Primary Key Collision Option
HIPAA and GDPR Compliant
Powerful Query Engine

Database Types

The Integrator can transfer data from the following:
MS Access | MS Excel
MS SQL Server
MS Access | MS Excel
Text: CSV (Comma-Separated Value) files
Text: Tab-delimited files

to the following:
MS Excel


Unlike other products, the Integrator is inexpensive, can be used “out of the box” with only a “QuickStart” guide; and provides data cleansing, sorting and other preparation in a secure local environment.

This is a tool for many different scenarios, from health to industry, natural resources to shipping, and has the attachments to deal with whatever form the data arrives.

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The Integrator has a specific set of topics in the Help Folder (with examples) to guide you through everything you need to Query, Filter, and Source your Data. In addition, if you become interested in how the SQL language functions, you can go to SQL to learn more, and see even more examples.