The Integrator:
The All-in-One Data Platform for Everyone

The Integrator effortlessly unites the data you want from all your sources – databases, spreadsheets, cloud storage – into a single, usable format!

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The Swiss Army Knife of unified data Plug and Play is always ready when you need a tool to “just get it done”.

“Jennifer is absolutely amazing! There are big industries that could benefit from her software.”
IGuard Pro LLC


Effortlessly consolidate patient data from various sources for streamlined care, optimized operations, and informed decision-making in healthcare.

Mining & Industrial

Maximize productivity and safety by aggregating data from sensors and machinery across sites, enabling real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance in mining and industrial sectors.

Shipping & Logistics

Gain visibility and control over supply chains by integrating data from diverse sources, facilitating route optimization, inventory management, and seamless tracking in shipping and logistics operations.

The Integrator Solution

Here’s why most data integration (ETL) products are hard to deal with …

  • You and your staff don’t understand it
  • You can’t just set and forget it
  • You can’t justify in your budget
  • You can’t just use out of the box

A straightforward do it yourself ETL solution for those finding their existing apps and projects hard to deal with. It moves, transforms, integrates and consolidates data without needing IT services to set it up, put it in the cloud or do anything else that may slow you down.


Unlike other products, the Integrator is inexpensive, can be used “out of the box” with only a “QuickStart” guide; and provides data cleansing, sorting and other preparation in a secure local environment.

This is a tool for many different scenarios, from health to industry, natural resources to shipping, and has the attachments to deal with whatever form the data arrives.

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The Integrator has a specific set of topics in the Help Folder (with examples) to guide you through everything you need to Query, Filter, and Source your Data. In addition, if you become interested in how the SQL language functions, you can go to SQL to learn more, and see even more examples.